Ah, yes – adrenalin. It works twice as fast as caffeine and it’s cheaper than anything they sell in Starbucks. You get plenty of it on a Shanghai bicycle commute to make sure you’re fully awake by the time you reach the office.
Did you see that taxi coming? No, nor did I.


Wheelchair Chicken

September 26, 2006

A man in a motorised wheelchair makes a dodgy left turn, playing chicken with an oncoming taxi. I think I see how he ended up in a chair in the first place!

I often see guys on mopeds delivering computer equipment. But what happens if they have one box too many?
Here, our delivery guy just can’t quite fit himself plus all 3 boxes on the bike so heputs 2 boxes on the bike, puts the bike on
a delivery trike then adds himself and the 3rd box to the trike. Presumably he needs the moped to get back again.
Trike guy is game at the start but soon hits a gradient and computer guy has to take a walk.

Rain Again

September 6, 2006

More like rain at last! Shanghai summers can be hot and sticky but they are usually punctuated by weekly thunderstorms which clear the air for a bit and cool things down. This year it hasn’t really rained for weeks so today’s downpour is a relief.
Perhaps now we can get the temperature back below 90!In terms of rain capes I count 22 blue, 8 red, 5 yellow, 2 green and a girl in a wet t-shirt (just watch those youtube stats soar!)