Chickens on a Scooter

February 23, 2007

Vegetarians and squeamish readers of this blog should once again avert their eyes.
Here in Asia we live by one motto: never buy a dead chicken. The result is that live chickens get moved around on the backs of trucks, trikes, scooters and bicycles. These guys are headed for the market beyond that bridge at the end of the road and that chicken on the top knows it. Hear him make a last request for a blindfold – or was that a Double Happiness cigarette?


As The Crash Test Dummy is still off bikes for a few more days we thought we’d take the opportunity to blog this clip of tai chi practice in the local park.
Very beautiful, very graceful.
A friend of ours tried this in a park in London once and nearly got arrested.

Bus Stop Bungle

October 8, 2006

Bus stops. I hate bus stops.
The buses have to cut across the bike lane then load and unload passengers into it (and anyway, on this occasion, spot the car parked in the cycle lane / bus stop.
So do you get caught up in all that – or do you overtake the bus on the outside, dodge the 3 girls jaywalking past a police car, get cut up by a red moped, get squeezed between said cop car and a black sedan while trying to get back into the cycle lane then get squeezed between the next bus and a taxi – only to have the cycle lane vanish at the next bottleneck anyway?

Wheelchair Chicken

September 26, 2006

A man in a motorised wheelchair makes a dodgy left turn, playing chicken with an oncoming taxi. I think I see how he ended up in a chair in the first place!

Left is Right, Right?

August 17, 2006

OK, try to stay with me here.
In China we drive on the right. So at a crossroads junction, when the lights change, the traffic coming towards you but wanting
to turn left will pass you on the left, wait for a gap and then turn left – right?
Wrong! What actually happens is the traffic turning left sees the oncoming cars and bikes and heads straight across their path, passing as many as possible on the right, forcing oncoming traffic into
the center.
Wow, lucky there’s a policeman at this junction to keep everyone in line!

Free Wheeling Beer

June 20, 2006

Coming down off this Suzhou Creek bridge is the only free-wheeling section of my ride. With the mess of traffic at the bottom it’s best to hold back a bit – even more so if you’re carrying a heavy load balanced on the back of your bike. Sixty full bottles of beer, for example.
Also, mentioning “free” and “beer” seems to boost my youtube stats. I can’t think why but here goes, once more for luck – Free! Beer! 🙂

Who Me, Officer?

June 17, 2006

As with the Traffic assistants, Shanghai’s police do as good as they can under the circumstances.
Here’s a typical dilemma: our passing cop spots a moped vegetable delivery guy, two cyclists and the jaywalker in the white dress all crossing illegally. He can’t nab them all so he chooses the girl because she’s ignored both a pedestrian crossing AND a footbridge to walk straight across this busy junction. Of course, trying to brush him off doesn’t do her any favours at all!