Hey guys, it’s red. I said it’s a RED light. It’s re… Oh, what the hell. Nobody’s listening to me, anyway.
You don’t have to spend long on a bike in China to realize that while the car drivers are far from perfect it’s the bicycles, mopeds and pedestrians that break most of the rules.
I count 11 cyclists jumping this red light.


Rainy Day

June 2, 2006

Rainy day today so I wimped out and took a cab to work. The great Chinese rain cape does a good job but in heavy downpours all the rain collects in the sheet that stretches over the handlebars. This results in cycling with a small pond in your
lap – so not very conducive to filming.
The guys crossing the road with a tricycle are carrying bamboo scaffold poles. Not as popular here as they are in Hong Kong, bamboo is used only on low rise projects in Shanghai. Whole blocks will disappear behind it and a week or two later it is removed to reveal either repainted houses or an empty plot of land.